Ukraine and the world!
“To Ukraine with Love”

Beauty, openness, wisdom, hopes, enchantment, deference, a rich history, culture, and talented peoples- these distinctions are not inherent to any one nation.

Traveling throughout the world, I pick my path without which my life would be meaningless still respecting the cultures of all nations but first and foremost I bow my head to Ukraine.  Each trip brings new impressions and hundreds of visions, like a kaleidoscope in my head, leaving unforgettable images.

I feel very comfortable with my camera, and as a result my efforts over the past several years, started to create an image of Ukraine in comparison with other countries that I have visited.

In general, I am unbelievably moved with the richness and beauty of life, openness and cordiality of the talented people, diversity of cultures and history, richness of the national kitchens. How much we all have in common in our lifetime.  And with this understanding I return to Ukraine deeply convinced, that the world will discover her unsurpassed beauty and will pick this nation as a destination spot to experience uncover, learn and enjoy.

Open your eyes wide and join me in the wonder and beauty of Ukraine